Football Philosophy & Vision Statement

Program Philosophy

The game of football, this team and this program exist to develop boys into men. Our players will face adversity, disappointment, and success. They will learn how to handle the many facets of life to become a champion.

Program Vision

Our Program will continue to strive to be the best team in the Mid – State League, in Central Ohio and State Champions in Division II. We will continue to grow and develop great young men and never sacrifice morals to get where we are headed. The Teays Valley Football Staff, are committed to building a positive and excellent program.  We are building a strong, fast, smart, tough, disciplined brotherhood that consistently competes for championships.

Program Guarantees

No Team will be more physical than us

No Team will be as tough as us

No Team will ever outwork us

We will have a great attitude and character

Program Goals

1. The athletes and coaches in this program will focus on priorities:
Personal Faith


Academics & Team – All players above 3.0 GPA

3. Win Championships

      – Mid – State – League

      – OHSAA State Championship

4. Beat “THEM”

5. Champions in the Community & School

Character + Effort + Talent = Champion